Table of Contents
PCIC3A-GS5-2016 - Computing Fundamentals
Numeral Section Type Sample
A Introduction Lesson -
A1 Unit 1-Basic Skills Lesson -
A1.1 Buttons and Icons Lesson -
A1.2 Ex-Buttons and Icons Exercise -
A1.3 Windows Lesson -
A1.4 Ex-Windows Exercise -
A1.5 Menus Lesson -
A1.6 Ex-Menus Exercise -
A1.7 Lists Lesson -
A1.8 Ex-Lists Exercise -
A1.9 Option Buttons and Check Boxes Lesson -
A1.10 Ex-Option Buttons and Check Boxes Exercise -
A1.11 Using the Keyboard Lesson -
A1.12 Ex-Using the Keyboard Exercise -
A1.13 Entering Text Lesson -
A1.14 Ex-Entering Text Exercise -
A1.15 Editing Text Lesson -
A1.16 Ex-Editing Text Exercise -
A1.17 Cut, Copy and Paste Lesson -
A1.18 Ex-Cut, Copy and Paste Exercise -
A1.19 Online Forms Lesson Sample
A1.20 Ex-Online Forms Exercise Sample
A1.21 Quiz 1 Quiz -
A1.22 Unit 1 End Lesson -
A2 Unit 2-Computer Basics Lesson -
A2.1 Types of Computers Lesson -
A2.2 Hardware Lesson -
A2.3 Processor Lesson -
A2.4 Input and Output Devices Lesson -
A2.5 Memory and Storage Devices Lesson -
A2.6 Software Lesson -
A2.7 Information Encoding Lesson -
A2.8 Networks Lesson -
A2.9 Quiz 2-1 Quiz -
A2.10 RS-Memory Types Reading Supplement -
A2.11 RS-Storage Devices Reading Supplement -
A2.12 RS-Input Devices Reading Supplement -
A2.13 RS-Output Devices Reading Supplement -
A2.14 RS-Connecting Devices Reading Supplement -
A2.15 Quiz 2-2 Quiz -
A2.16 RS-Networks Reading Supplement -
A2.17 RS-Phones and Tablets Reading Supplement -
A2.18 RS-Software Reading Supplement -
A2.19 Quiz 2-3 Quiz -
A2.20 RS-Cloud Reading Supplement -
A2.21 RS-Security Reading Supplement -
A2.22 RS-Troubleshooting Computer Problems Reading Supplement -
A2.23 Quiz 2-4 Quiz -
A2.24 Unit 2 End Lesson -
A3 Unit 3-Windows 10 Basics Lesson -
A3.1 Logging on to Windows Lesson -
A3.2 Ex-Logging on to Windows Exercise -
A3.3 Start Menu Lesson -
A3.4 Ex-Start Menu Exercise -
A3.5 Starting Applications Lesson -
A3.6 Ex-Starting Applications Exercise -
A3.7 Working with Multiple Windows Lesson -
A3.8 Ex-Working with Multiple Windows Exercise -
A3.9 Working with Multiple Desktops Lesson -
A3.10 Ex-Working with Multiple Desktops Exercise -
A3.11 Cortana Personal Assistant Lesson -
A3.12 Ex-Cortana Personal Assistant Exercise -
A3.13 Settings Lesson -
A3.14 Ex-Settings Exercise -
A3.15 Logoff and Shut Down Lesson -
A3.16 Ex-Logoff and Shut Down Exercise -
A3.17 RS-Switching Users Reading Supplement -
A3.18 Ex-Switching Users Exercise -
A3.19 RS-Control Panel Reading Supplement -
A3.20 Ex-Control Panel Exercise -
A3.21 RS-Connecting to Wireless Networks Reading Supplement -
A3.22 Ex-Connecting to Wireless Networks Exercise -
A3.23 RS-Customizing Applications Reading Supplement -
A3.24 Ex-Customizing Applications Exercise -
A3.25 Quiz 3 Quiz -
A3.26 Unit 3 End Lesson -
A4 Unit 4-File Management Lesson -
A4.1 Files and Folders Lesson -
A4.2 File Explorer Lesson -
A4.3 Ex-File Explorer Exercise -
A4.4 Navigation Pane Lesson -
A4.5 Ex-Navigation Pane Exercise -
A4.6 View Types Lesson -
A4.7 Ex-View Types Exercise -
A4.8 File Types Lesson -
A4.9 Opening Files Lesson -
A4.10 Ex-Opening Files Exercise -
A4.11 Properties Lesson -
A4.12 Ex-Properties Exercise -
A4.13 File Management-1 Lesson -
A4.14 Ex-File Management-1 Exercise -
A4.15 File Management-2 Lesson -
A4.16 Ex-File Management-2 Exercise -
A4.17 File Management-3 Lesson -
A4.18 Ex-File Management-3 Exercise -
A4.19 Desktop Shortcuts Lesson -
A4.20 Ex-Desktop Shortcuts Exercise -
A4.21 Finding Files Lesson -
A4.22 Ex-Finding Files Exercise -
A4.23 OneDrive Lesson -
A4.24 Ex-OneDrive Exercise -
A4.25 Backup Lesson -
A4.26 Quiz 4-1 Quiz -
A4.27 RS-Backup Reading Supplement -
A4.28 RS-File Access and Sharing Reading Supplement -
A4.29 Ex-File Access and Sharing Exercise -
A4.30 Quiz 4-2 Quiz -
A4.31 Unit 4 End Lesson -