Sample Lessons & Exercises

We invite you to try some of the multimedia lessons and interactive exercises included in our courses!

Basic Computer Skills





PC100-V5 - Basic Skills


PC100-V5 - Basic Skills







Filling Cells

PC151-2013 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 1

Print Area

PC152-2013 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 2







Slide Backgrounds

PC160-2013 - Basic Presentations

Slide Transitions

PC161-2013 - Intermediate Presentations 1







Modifying, Sorting & Filtering Data

PC170-2013 - Database Basics





GED Test Prep


Test Window

CBT100 - Computer Skills for the GED Test

Exercise-Test Window

CBT100-V2 - Computer Skills for the GED Test

Ventana de Prueba

CBT100-SP - Computer Skills for the GED Test



IC3 Certification Prep




Creating Text Columns

PCIC3B1-GS4-2013 - Key Applications-Word

Format Painter

PCIC3B2-GS4-2013 - Key Applications-Excel



In addition to lessons and exercises, our courses include performance-based pre and post-assessments, reading supplements, and quizzes. Full course evaluations are available by requesting a free trial!



Cortana Personal Assistant

PC102-Win10 - Windows 10 Basics

Exercise-Cortana Personal Assistant

PC102-Win10 - Windows 10 Basics

Exercise-File Management-1

PC110-Win10 - File Management



Word Processing


Character Case

PC140-2013 - Basic Word Processing

Exercise-Character Case

PC140-2016 - Basic Word Processing

Header & Footer-1

PC141-2013 - Intermediate Word Processing 1