PC140-2007 - Basic Word Processing
PC140-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC140-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC141-2007 - Intermediate Word Processing 1
PC141-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC141-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC142-2007 - Intermediate Word Processing 2
PC142-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC142-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC143-2007 - Intermediate Word Processing 3
PC143-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC143-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC150-2007 - Basic Spreadsheets
PC150-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC150-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC151-2007 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 1
PC151-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC151-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC152-2007 - Intermediate Spreadsheets 2
PC152-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC152-2007-Certificate (Word)


PC160-2007 - Basic Presentations
PC160-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC160-2007-Teacher’s Guide (Word)


PC161-2007 - Intermediate Presentations
PC161-2007-Certificate (PDF)
PC161-2007-Certificate (Word)

Certificates of Completion - Microsoft Office 2007

Certificates of Completion are available to Teknimedia customers in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. You must have a password to access these documents. If you are a Teknimedia customer and do not  have the password information, click here to send us a request via e-mail.